Parents Association

The East Catholic Parents’ Association (PA) supports the students, faculty, and staff of East Catholic High School (ECHS). The involvement of parents and families help to foster a spirit of Christian community and sharing through the service and commitment. PA volunteers participate in a variety of educational, social, and fundraising activities. See the calendar below for our upcoming events.

The success of the PA is maintained through active participation of East Catholic parents and families. You can help and join in the fun! Please use the form to volunteer for a committee or event. The full list of committees can be found here.

Parent Association Calendar

Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents

The Connecticut Federation of Catholic School Parents was established by the Archbishop of Hartford and the Bishops of Bridgeport and Norwich. Its purpose is to represent Catholic schools in Connecticut at all levels of government. The federation is committed to educating Catholic school parents and the Catholic school community regarding the rights and issues concerning the education of children attending Catholic schools.

The federation will work to protect, preserve, and expand the rights and guarantee that children in Catholic schools are provided the public services to which they are entitled to the fullest extent of current law and expand those rights so that more children have the opportunity to attend Catholic schools.

The federation has established the Grassroots Advocacy Network, which is designed to organize Catholic school parents, alumni, and those committed to Catholic education and make them aware of the issues confronting Catholic schools.