Student Government

East students actively participate in student government through ECHS Student Council, a group comprised of representatives from each homeroom. The student body elects the student council officers. In addition, each class elects a class president to guide its activities throughout the year.

Meet our 2023–2024 Student Government

All-School Officers:
President: Michael Creamer
Vice-President: Chris Virdokian
Secretary: Faith Moran
Treasurer: Will Bergquist
Program Director: Adam Eskin

Senior Class Officers:
President: Marissa Moriarty
Vice-President: Shreya Senthil
Secretary: Sarah Posniak

Junior Class Officers:
President: Sammy Creamer
Vice-President: Zoya Goyal

Sophomore Class Officers:
President: Alex Musiitwa
Vice-President: Raymond Martin

Freshman Class Officers:
President: Charles Hathaway